The official site of Portland Little League in Portland, Maine

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Note: If you are subscribed to a team calendar or multiple team calendars, there is no need to also subscribe to the General League Events calendar. General league events are included in team calendars. Click here for instructions on how to subscribe to one or more team calendars.

You can subscribe the the General League Events calendar via Google Calendar or other online calendar systems that can accept an iCalendar address. Copy this iCal address:


To link in Google Calendar: Under "Other Calendars," select "Add," then "Add by URL." Then paste the copied iCal address from above into the box. The calendar will be named PBLL Events. You can change the name of the calendar by going to Calendar Settings from the drop-down menu for that calendar.

To link in iPhone: Select "Settings," then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars," then "Add Account," then "Other," then "Add Subscribed Calendar." When it asks for "Server," paste the copied iCal address from above. It will search/validate the address. Then it will give a default "Description" name, you can change this if desired. Leave "Username" and "Password" blank. Use SSL "Off" and Remove Alarms "Off."

To link in MS Outlook: Select "Tools," then "Account Settings." Then select the tab "Internet Calendars," then "New." Then just paste the copied iCal address from above into the box.